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Maps (starting points:)  (SC = Shopping Center)

1. Normal starting locations in Oak View and Ojai.

2. Starting at the Bike Depot in Ventura

3. Gobernador Canyon Rd. and 192 (Casitas Pass Rd.)

4. Shepard Mesa and 192 (Casitas Pass Rd.)

5. San Ysidro and 192 (E. Valley Rd.) at SC

6. Parking Lot, Buenaventura Mission

7. Manning Park, San Ysidro Rd. and 192 (E. Valley Rd.)

8. Lions Park, Carpinteria

9. Flower shop intersection of 33 and Balwein Rd (rt. 150)

10. Parking at Foster Park under route 33.

11. Rotary Community Park, Ojai.


Routes:  (Cue sheets)

1.  Normal rides (long and short version) PDF format

2.  Normal rides (long and short version) Excel format

3.  Flat and easy Ojai ride (15.5 and 23 mile loops)

4.  CIBC 2012 picnic ride (long version) PDF format


GPS Data:  (Maps and Charts.  Please note that the cyclist in this case has a higher than usual heart rate averaging about 160 bpm and a max rate of about 190 bpm.)

1.  Our usual route  23 mile loop

2.  Our usual route (extended to the ocean)  35.5 mile loop

3.  Ocean route starting at the Bike Depot  48 miles ocean ride

4. Our flat and easy ride in Ojai  15.5 mile loop (23 mile option not shown.)